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Music: Ministry & Policies

Our Music Ministry

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Our Cathedral is served by two choirs and many talented cantors and instrumentalists.

Cathedral Music Director:  Ms. Laurie Clara

Our 10:30 am Sunday Mass Choir

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Our largest Choir regularly sings during the Sunday 10:30 am Mass from September to June. It also enhances the beauty of our Liturgies at Christmas, during the Easter Triduum, and at all special Parish and Diocesan Liturgical celebrations. Members volunteer their time and talent. The Director, instrumentalists and cantors are reimbursed for their professional expertise. Music and song enhance the solemnity of our Liturgies and raise our hearts and voices to God.
Choir Director: Ms. Laurie Clara


Our 8:30 am Sunday Mass Choir

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This Choir of volunteers and cantors leads us in music and song each week during the 8:30 am Sunday Mass and at other Liturgical celebrations. It also assists us in making our Liturgies beautiful and joyful celebrations of Faith and Worship.
Choir Director: Mrs. Gail Balina

These policies and guidelines have been developed in the best interests of our bereaved families and for the well being of the Cathedral Parish Community and its Music Ministers.

1.   Consultation with the Director of Music
Our Music Director, Laurie Clara, is ultimately responsible for the observance of these music guidelines.
She, however, also reserves the right to permit different family requests or to accommodate the special talents of individuals, respecting the uniqueness of each Funeral situation. 

     2.   Our Cathedral’s Funeral Choir
It is the policy of this Parish that St.Patrick’s Funeral Choir, Cantor and
Instrumentalists provide all the music 
and singing during the Funeral Liturgy.
However, if requested by the family, guest singers and musicians may also
participate by joining with our choir during the Funeral.

3.   The Family’s Selection of Music and Hymns
a.   The music selected for a Funeral should never be secular but must respect the sacred nature of the religious celebration and follow the guidelines of the Church’s Liturgy for Funerals.  The family usually chooses from an extensive list of appropriate hymns which is provided to them in preparation for the Funeral.
b.   The hymns chosen by the family should, for the most part,  be selections in which the entire congregation can participate in singing.
c.   Bereaved families must consult directly with our Music Director and not with invited guest soloists or singers about musical requests for the Funeral.  As the Cathedral’s representative, the Director will make the decisions in keeping with the Church’s Liturgical norms regarding the appropriateness of requested music and hymns.
d.   Hymns which are sung by guest soloists before or after the Mass must also respect the sacred nature of the Funeral Liturgy .

     4.   Requests for the Participation of Guest Singers
At the specific request of the bereaved family, guest soloists or singers may be
permitted by our Music Director to participate in the Funeral by singing prior to
the celebration of the Funeral Mass as a prelude piece or as a postlude, after the
Recessional Hymn.

5.   The Final Decision
The practice of the Parish is to support and uphold all decisions made by the Director regarding the appropriateness of your musical choices and/or your specific requests.




Music Ministry for Weddings

Miss Monica Prodanyk is a very talented singer and musician who will assist couples to select and prepare the musical pieces and songs for the celebration of their Wedding Mass or Wedding Service in our Cathedral.  She will also acquaint the couples with Catholic Liturgical norms for weddings and Parish policies regarding musicians and singers.

Music Director for Weddings:  Miss Monica Prodanyk


“Music, which is an essential element of the celebration of Christian Marriage,
those who assemble to express their faith, to enter into the worship of God and to give thanks for the mystery of divine love that is revealed in the Union of
husband and wife.”  (The Bishops of Canada)

*  N.B.  Couples are asked to refer to the complete list of guidelines and policies regarding music for weddings in the Cathedral which is provided to the couples by the Cathedral Rector when they first meet with him to  prepare for their proposed wedding.

1.   Consultation with the Wedding Music Coordinator
Our Coordinator is Monica Prodanyk.   She is responsible for the observance of our music guidelines and policies  for all weddings that are celebrated in the Cathedral.

Please contact her  to discuss music for your wedding.  She will answer your questions regarding music for your wedding and advise you accordingly with regards to the selection of accompanists and cantors.

     2.   Accompanists and Cantors
It is our policy that couples choose Organists/Pianists and Cantors from St.
Patrick’s Cathedral at all weddings that are celebrated in our Church.
A complete list of accompanists and cantors from which to choose, with the help
of our Wedding Music Coordinator, will be provided to couples at their first
meeting with the Cathedral Rector.

3.   The Couple’s Selection of Music
a.   The music selected for a Wedding Mass or Ceremony which is celebrated in the Cathedral should never be secular but appropriate to the sacred nature of the religious celebration.
b.   There are many traditional and contemporary selections available.
c.    The Music Coordinator will assist you in your choice of music which is in keeping with the Church’s Liturgical norms.
d.    The musicians will meet with the couple prior to the wedding.  

4.   The Final Decision
The practice of the Parish is to support and uphold all decisions made by the
Coordinator regarding the appropriateness of your musical choices and/or your
specific requests.