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Pandemic Responses



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1. “Why do some people NOT consider the Church an ESSENTIAL SERVICE?”


2. As a senior I am staying at home from Mass for now but I pray the Rosary each day.  Where did this ROSARY prayer originate?”


3.  “SHOULD I COME TO CHURCH, if I still don’t feel right about attending Mass yet?”  and
“Why doesn’t the CHURCH CONSIDER MASS ON LINE ONLY from time to time, as we have been doing?”


4. Why are OUR PRAYERS to rid ourselves of this Pandemic not being answered?


5. Why are so many BAD THINGS happening in our world all at once during this Pandemic?


6. How should we deal with lock down BOREDOM AND RESTLESSNESS?


7. What should we learn from this PANDEMIC EXPERIENCE?


8. Should Christians  “PUSH BACK” against Government restrictions on Church gatherings?


9. Why do some people resort to playing, “BLAME GAMES” in times of crises?


10. How can we renew our EASTER BAPTISMAL VOWS  and bless our Family when our Churches are closed?


11. Can anything good come from this CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC?


12. How can  I be THANKFUL when there seems to be so little for which to give thanks today?


13.  Is it wrong to doubt DIVINE PROVIDENCE  in the midst of this current pandemic?


14.  How can I find LIGHT AND HOPE  at the end of this very dark tunnel? 


15.  How can we be EXCUSED  from attending Mass on Sunday?