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“Friends” of the Cathedral

You can join ‘Friends of the Cathedral’ by placing your annual membership donation ($250.) in the Weekly Collection basket at Mass OR by contacting the Office (807) 622-5389 OR by printing the Form below, completing it and returning it to our Parish Office.

Form to join the ‘Diocesan Friends of the Cathedral (click to open)


Beginning on May 1, 2022, all membership revenues received will be transferred to the “St. Pat’s Hat Cathedral Roof” Fund.

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Since this group was formed by Bishop Colli in 2002, ‘Diocesan Friends of the Cathedral’ has dedicated itself to the artistic beautification of the Diocese’s Mother Church.

This community of voluntary benefactors includes parishioners and individuals from the Diocese who annually contribute their ‘membership’ donations solely for the refurbishing and the artistic enhancement of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

These donations have made it possible for us to transform areas in our Cathedral into inspiring spaces for liturgical worship, devotion and prayer.

The annual membership donation of $250. is tax deductible.


Some major projects that were made possible
by your donations to ‘Diocesan Friends of the Cathedral’

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1.  A complete set of large Nativity statues was purchased for use in the Christmas crèche.


2.  The former Baptistry was completely remodeled to house our new Memorial Chapel, dedicated to the deceased members of the Cathedral Parish.  It was fitted with a large oak cross, pews and kneelers, votive candle stands and`four `Books of Life`.

3.  With added donations from the Catholic Women`s League, a large replica of Michelangelo`s Pieta was purchased and installed in our new Memorial Chapel.

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4.  Two beautifully furnished Reconciliation Chapels were built to replace two of the former enclosed confessionals in the Church.

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5.  Our Children’s Chapel was moved, enlarged and redecorated with artifacts, extra pews and shelving.

IMG_0359  sss   chairs
6.  Two new display racks for complimentary Catholic literature were purchased and placed in the Cathedral foyer.  The pamphlets are purchased and donated to the Parish by Fort William Council #1447 of the Knights of Columbus.

7.  Renovations to the Sanctuary floor area, to the Altar of Sacrifice and to the credence table were completed.

8.  With added donations from our Catholic Women’s League, a new presider’s chair and six matching oak chairs were placed in the Sanctuary for all Liturgical Services.

9.  All six
side prayer chapels were painted and redecorated with coloured drapes and appointed with new oak prayer kneelers and new spotlights.

10.  Dedication plaques were engraved and placed in each devotional area of the Cathedral.

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11.  With added Catholic Women`s League donations, a new display cabinet for historic memorabilia was built and installed in  the narthex of the Cathedral.

12.  A new light entry system for the two Reconciliation Chapels were installed.

13.  Improvements were made to the sound system in Our Lady’s Chapel and in the Cathedral Auditorium.   

14.  Two sets of new glass doors for the Cathedral side entrances were installed and the outside elevator door was retrofitted with glass panels.

15.  Needed repairs were made to the large stained glass window of St. Patrick in the narthex.

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16.  With added donations from the Catholic Women`s League of the Parish, a modern Baptismal area was installed, complete with a new ceramic tile floor, statuary and a display cabinet (Ambry) for the Holy Oils.

17.  An enclosed and raised ‘Handicap’ area for wheelchairs at the elevator entrance was built and furnished.

18.  A complete restoration began of the original Cathedral steeple bells system.


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19.  The Sanctuary was completely redecorated, including the painting and renewing of the entire space and ceiling, the repairing and refurbishing of the wooden reredos behind the Altar,  and the installation of a life-sized decorated devotional Crucifix.   

Risen Lord Banner  20141125_3
20.  Two new large banners were purchased; one of the risen Christ, to be used in the Sanctuary during the Easter Season and the other of the Baptism of the Lord for the Baptistry.

carmel   ocdsseal[1]   IMG_0360 (2)
21.  A large donated statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which was once venerated in St. Dominic’s Church (East End), was professionally restored and decorated to its original beauty for placement in one of our side Chapels.



22.  The Cathedral bell tower was completely refurbished and re-painted.


23.  The Cathedral granite front steps which had become worn and treacherous to use after so many years, were replaced with the current stamped concrete ones and both handrails were replaced with new ones bearing the Celtic Cross in their design.



24.  Two large statues of St. Ann and St. Therese of Lisieux were donated to the Parish for placement in two of our side Chapels.



25.  In the summer of 2020, Rita LeGarde and a number of volunteers worked as a team to  clean and restore our Prayer Garden of the Holy Family to its original beauty, for the use of our Parishioners and their families.


26. In May, 2023, work began to completely replace the Cathedral Roof and all membership donations were temporarily diverted to the financing of this major project.



27.   Large Celtic Crosses superimposed on heraldic shields were placed at the top of the new water downspouts on both lateral walls of the Cathedral.  They are the crowning addition at the top of our newly installed metal roof.