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Recent Events Photos

Beginning with our most recent events…


December 20, 2020
Replacing the Altar Floodlight for Christmas


Although they wish to remain anonymous, we publicly thank our brave parishioners who got together in December to set up our indoor lift and to replace the bulb and ballast in our large ceiling floodlight over the altar. Not only did this brighten our Sanctuary for Christmas but it once again made our beautiful large crucifix visible from the street whenever we walk by the Church.  That ceiling is higher than it looks!





December 13, 2020
Watch Our Virtual “Children’s Christmas Pageant” here.


Once again, the Christmas elves could not resist…



A “BLAST from the PAST”: June 4, 2005
The “Daylin James” Cathedral Fundraising Concert of 15 years ago …

Although the digital version of this photo is not as clear as desired, you may still be able to identify some of our parishioners, or yourself, in the picture.  It was taken after the Daylin James Concert which took place in our Auditorium more than 15 years ago.  It was organized and sponsored by Linda West and all who are in the photo volunteered to help to make the project a huge success.   It continues to be one of the extra special memorable events in our Parish history.  Thanks to Martin Skillen for providing us with the photo, to Jane Slobodnik for scanning it and to Linda West, for having spearheaded the event and for helping us identify the photo.


November 14 & 15, 2020
Our Virtual “Bizarre Bazaar 2020”


Watch all three presentations on this website by clicking on the:  CWL/KC/Men’s Group” tab to the left.



November 7 & 8, 2020 at All Masses and November 11, 2020
Parish Annual Remembrance Day Weekend and Remembrance Day Observance

During the Masses on this weekend and on November 11th, our Parish remembered all our Service men and women who gave their lives in armed conflict in defence of their country and we prayed for them.  We also prayed for peace in our hearts and peace in the world.  We thank Dorothy Grant our parishioner representing the Royal Canadian Legion and Sir Knight, Larry Pankuch of the Father Baxter Assembly of the Knights of Columbus for laying a wreath at our cenotaph during the weekend Masses.



Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 10:30 am
Annual Catholic Women’s League Deceased Members’ Memorial Mass

As is our annual St. Patrick’s tradition, during the 10:30 am Mass, we remembered and prayed for the 9 League members of our Parish who died this past year. We thank all who prepared for the special Memorial Mass, the members who were present to pay tribute to their sisters and to Miss Taran Campanotto a League member and one of our adult Servers, who announced the names of our deceased League sisters.

November 1, 2020
Vi Zucchiatti’s 99th Birthday Mass and Prayer!

At the 10:30 am Mass, Our Parish Community prayed for and wished our faithful parishioner and good friend, Vi Zucchiatti, God’s Blessings and good health on the day of her 99th Birthday!


October 31 and November 1, 2020
Annual Parish Memorial Weekend

This year, our Parish remembered in prayer, 36 who died and were buried from our Cathedral.  After Mass, our parishioners placed the names of their deceased loved ones in our Book of Life, persons for whom we will pray at all our Masses during the month of November.



October 29, 2020 at 7:00 pm
Parish Confirmation Service: 2020


After a 5 month postponement due to the pandemic, 13 parishioners celebrated their Confirmation last Thursday, October 29th. Seven others who were registered, decided to postpone their Confirmation until 2021. Many thanks to Bishop Colli, Msgr. Stilla, Deacon Derek and Linda West, Janie Slobodnik, Pam Brusadin, Taran Campanotto, Karilyn Fedyk, Rose Cupelli, Martin Skillen, David Ronchi and Laurie Clara for their ministry at the special Service.  Thanks as well to Juliano Brusadin for these photos.
Best wishes to these 13 parishioners who were, “sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit”:

Preston Bruni         Cayden Camarotto         Peter Forester         Jesse Gravel
Alexa Marie Gvora         Alyssa Cassidy Gvora         Ava Horde         Jaiya Joseph
Luke Martyniuk         Thomas Momot         Jacob Paternoster         William Seaberg
Matthew Wronowski



October 18, 2020 at 1:00 pm
Mass of First Holy Communion: 2020

After a lengthy postponement due to the Covid-19 Pandemic precautions, fifteen children were able to celebrate their First Holy Communion at a beautiful celebration just for them.  We thank their parents and teachers for preparing them for their special day and for all who made the celebration such a joyful event for everyone.
We extend a particular thank-you  to Sara Lacaria for crowning the statue of the Virgin Mary, to the children who brought flowers and placed them before the altar, to Laurie Clara and Yvonne Harris for providing the music and song, and to Linda West, Karilyn Fedyk and Gaetan Joubert for serving at the Mass.    Finally, we thank their teachers, Pam Brusadin, Theresa Matijacik, Mara Hockenhull and Joleene Kemp.  The beautiful gifts that were presented to the children were made with loving care by Theresa Matijacik and Pam Brusadin and all these photos were taken by Juliano Brusadin.   The day was also special for Deacon John and Susan Myers, whose granddaughter, Kamryn was among the First Communicants.   Congratulations and thanks to all.


October 3, 2020 at 5:00 pm
Mass of R.C.I.A. Baptism and Reception into the Church


During this special R.C.I.A. Mass celebration, Bishop Colli baptized Laura Roa (sponsor, Ivan Colmenares) and received into full Communion with the Catholic Church, Derek West (sponsor, Deacon Derek West).  During the same Mass both were then Confirmed and received their First Holy Communion.

Our Cathedral Parish joins in congratulating both Laura and Derek on this important occasion.  At this time, we also thank their Sponsors and the speakers who volunteered to be involved in the Process and especially this year’s R.C.I.A. Formation Team:
Pauline Krupa, Acting Director;
Linda and Deacon Derek West,
Wanda Major (St. Agnes Parish) and Judy Stankus, Cathedral and Diocesan R.C.I.A. Director.