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Recent Events Photos

Beginning with the most recent events…




January 8: Noon – 1:30 pm
Catholic Men’s Luncheon

More than 45 took part in the Catholic Men’s Luncheon at the Da Vinci that featured Dr. Jack Haggarty as the keynote speaker. 
Many thanks to Don Blaquiere and Doug McClure for taking these photos.




December 24: 5:00 pm
Highlights of this Christmas Mass and Children’s Pageant

We thank all who attended this joy-filled Christmas Eve Mass and especially, the members of the Children’s Liturgy Program for planning, organizing and supervising all the children involved in the Pageant.  We also thank George Romick for capturing the highlights with these colourful pictures.



December 22
Highlights of the Dress Rehearsal for Our Children’s Christmas Pageant

We thank all the adult members of the Children’s Liturgy Program for planning, organizing and supervising all the children involved in the Pageant.  We also thank George Romick for providing us with these beautiful pictures.




December 17
Special Mass at Hogarth-Riverview Manor

Bishop Colli and Father Marco Ladao celebrated this special well attended Advent Mass at Hogarth Riverview Manor last Tuesday with many volunteers from the Cathedral and other Southward Parishes participating along with a full congregation of residents.



December 9
‘Wisdom and Works of Mercy’ Retreat: Closing Celebration

We thank Lesley and Doug McClure for coordinating and directing the Retreat, their many volunteers and all who generously donated extra funds to help to make it happen!





December 8
Catholic Women’s League Annual Christmas Luncheon
Among the many who were honoured at this year’s Christmas Social were Mary Ann Gill (50 yrs.) and Helen Plouffe (25 yrs.). Many thanks to Cheryl DeLorenzi for coordinating the event, Joan Joubert, Joleene Kemp, the many volunteers who helped and the League members who attended.



The Front Steps Completed: 2019

The old deteriorating granite steps and handrails

The long construction phase and the beautiful new steps and handrails!

Thanks to Joe Salini for supervising the project and to Mike Posmituk for taking these photos for our archives.


December 4
Men’s Monthly Luncheon Gathering and Presentation

Our first New Men’s Luncheon Gathering at the Da Vinci Centre was a resounding success.  Bishop Colli spoke on the topic: Pope Francis and the Trees’ and many men from across the City attended.  Many thanks to the Bishop for his presentation, to Doug McClure for organizing and coordinating the event and to Vijo for capturing the event on film.

December 1
Blessing of the Church Advent Wreath with the Children

November 24
Children’s Wreath Making Sunday
The children made their wreaths and brought them into the church to have them blessed for their use.  Many thanks to all our Children’s Liturgy volunteers for organizing the annual event and for assisting the children in their work.


November 22
Official Blessing of the Chapel at Hogarth Riverview Manor
Bishop Colli officially blessed the well attended Prayer Service with patients and many volunteer workers present.


November 17
Candy Cane Christmas Parish Bazaar, Tea and Raffle

Our $1,500. Grand Prize was presented to Jeanette Posine.  Brian Polhill who is next to her, drew the winning ticket. Other money winners: Ana-stasia Frisby: $1,000.; Rosie Makela: $500. and Joe Josefchak: 50/50 Draw.

The members of the Bazaar Committee wish to send a huge thank you to all who in any way helped to make this year’s ‘Candy Cane’ Bazaar Tea & Raffle another happy and fun time. We could never have done it without the support of so many of our Parish community. Your generosity of time, talents and financial assistance have allowed us to provide additional resources to assist the day to day operations of our Parish. A full financial report will be posted on the Parish website and copies made available in December. Thank-you and may Our Lady bless each one of you!

November 16
Annual Christmas Parade with the Knights of Columbus Participating

Once again this year, the City Councils of the Knights of Columbus participated in our annual Christmas Parade, reminding the onlookers to, “Keep Christ in Christmas”.


November 10: 10:30 am
Cathedral Catholic Women’s League Memorial Mass

Our Parish prayed for and paid tribute to the six members of our League Council who died this past year: Luisa Schincariol, Eileen Capulak, Lena Graham, Dorothy Halverson, Rondina Kerkermeir and Connie Metcalf.  May they rest in Peace.

November 10: 8:30 and 10:30 am
Parish Remembrance Day Memorial Masses



November 9: 5:00 pm Mass
Military Memorial for Remembrance Day