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The Knights of Columbus



Fort William Council 1447 & The Father Baxter General Assembly (4th Degree)

    “Blessed Michael McGivney, Pray for us!”


November 28, 2022 at 7:00 pm
Mass for Deceased K of C Members at Corpus Christi Church


A Memorial Mass was celebrated last Monday, November 28th at Corpus
Christi Church by Bishop Colli and all the K.C. Priest Chaplains.

Each Grand Knight read the names of his deceased brothers as a candle was lit in their memory.




Father Baxter Assembly CHRISTMAS LUNCH
Sunday December 18, 2022 Columbus Centre

Invitation to members, their Ladies and the Ladies of our deceased Sir Knights
Symposium 1:00 p.m.~ Lunch 1:30 p.m.

Penne, Meatballs, Roasted Chicken,
Tossed Salad, Buns/Butter/Coffee ~ Tea /Wine Ice Cream dessert

Please RSVP No Later than Monday December 12 to: Rosie at the Columbus Centre Phone: 623-3252 Email: or in person at the Columbus Centre
Cost: $ 10.00 each for Assembly members & guest
*Please let Rosie know if you require a ride.

submitted by: Louis Romito





Knight Cap December 2022



Columbus  Centre Upcoming Events/Takeouts – 2022

Spaghetti T – Nov 3rd Nov 17th – 

Shrimp – Nov 25th

Spaghetti – Dec 1st

Small Group Christmas Dinner and Dance – Dec 10th

Spaghetti – Dec 15th

Christmas Lunch Buffet Special – Friday, Dec 16th

Christmas Takeout – Thurs, Dec 22nd




September 29, 2022 at 7:00 pm


Photos by Juliano Brusadin






NEW! 2022 FALL Newsletter 4th Degree








RECENT CHURCH NEWS!   Highlights of the Report of the Synodal Survey Responses for Canada – September 11, 2022





The ‘Knight Cap’ Bulletin for July 2022




Beautifying the Priests’ Plot at St. Patrick’s Cemetery

We thank: George & Brenda Romick, Mike Posmituk, Janet Murphy and Joe Salini (worker and photographer), who recently beautified the Priests’ Plot at St. Patrick’s Cemetery, honouring the Priests and Bishops who have served us in this Diocese and who have been laid to rest there.





March 26 & 27, 2022 

At all Masses on this weekend, Deacon Derek West, the Grand Knight of Council 1447 of the  Knights of Columbus provided information about their work and Ministry and invited the men of our Parish to consider joining them.
Seen here, providing printed information and materials at the main entrance to the Cathedral, are Sir Knight, Larry Pankuch, District Deputy and Sir Knight Joe Salini, Past Ontario State Deputy.


March 26 & 27, 2022 Weekend

Deacon Derek West, Grand Knight of K.C. Council 1447 led the Prayer before the Icon of St. Joseph.


An very large number of Knights of Columbus of all four degrees joined more than 200 parishioners of the Cathedral and of other City  Parishes to bid a last farewell to Sir Knight Wayne at his Funeral Mass celebrated in the Cathedral on February 23rd.  It was clearly a visible sign of the respect and affection that all of us have for this Catholic gentleman and good friend to so many!

The Mass for Sir Knight Wayne Murphy from Council 1447 will be celebrated on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 9:00 am at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. 

The Mass for Sir Knight Wayne Murphy from Father Baxter Assembly will be celebrated on Friday, December 9, 2022 at 9:00 am, again at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. 



A Myriad of Colours of Splendour

Many thanks to brother Knight, Sean, for highlighting the colourful beauty of our Cathedral on a sunny afternoon.


2022 Columbus Centre Newsletter



A very timely article sent to us by Bishop Fred Henry on:  January 28, 2022 …


Massive Crime or Massive Fraud?
by Tom Flanagan and Brian Giesbrecht

Did church leaders, the federal government, and the RCMP really conspire to keep 50 deaths hidden by destroying the documentary proof, and to prevent any investigation from happening?
The only way to know if graves actually exist is by excavation.
GIVEN THE RECENT announcement of unmarked graves at Williams Lake, B.C. it is imperative that the RCMP step in and secure the potential crime scene and conduct a thorough investigation that includes excavation.  Canada is either a country that has committed unspeakable crimes, or a gigantic fraud is being perpetrated. The country is suffering, and has a right to know.
The basic claim is this: Possible gravesites have been found at Williams Lake about two kilometres from the former site of the St. Joseph’s Mission Residential School. The only way to determine if graves actually exist is by excavation.
Williams Lake First Nations Chief Willie Sellars made the emotional announcement on January 25, 2020. He alleged that murder, rape and other heinous crimes — including priests throwing babies into incinerators — were committed at the school, and that the graves contain the bodies of the child homicide victims. But the allegations get even worse. It is alleged that church leaders, the federal government, and the RCMP conspired to keep the deaths hidden by destroying documents that proved the deaths, and prevented any investigation from happening.
The allegations could not be more serious. RCMP procedure is quite clear when a death and secret burial is alleged. They immediately secure the area and begin their investigation. Excavation is the obvious step that must be taken to determine if there are any graves that cannot be explained. If there are, then exhumation and forensic examination must be considered. If no suspicious graves are found, the investigation ends.  The first step is obviously for the RCMP to immediately become involved and secure the area
THE OTHER THING that must be done immediately is to release to the public Whitney Spears’ report. Other anthropologists must be able to examine the report. There is, quite simply, no reason why the report should not be released. Shocking allegations have been made, and the public deserves to see the evidence.
If there were 50 children who were somehow murdered or otherwise “disappeared” at the school, one would expect there to be 50 sets of frantic parents who would have made police reports, and complained in public that their children had gone missing. But we have searched news archives and other sources and found no such missing persons reports, or anything at all to indicate that 50 children disappeared.
The allegations at Williams Lake, if proven, will be the single biggest crime that has ever been committed in Canada. If the allegations are shown to be false, with no crimes committed, this will be the biggest wild goose chase in the country’s history.
A precedent must be set here. Crimes alleged to have been committed on Canadian soil must be investigated in the proper way by the proper authorities. The allegation is murder and mayhem. The principles of justice demand that the potential crime scene be secured, not left in the control of those alleging the crime.
SCEPTICISM IS FURTHER warranted because allegations of priests and nuns killing babies in horrible ways have a long history in North America.  The most famous example is The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, which caused a sensation when published in 1836. Maria, a young woman from Montreal, claimed that she had lived in a convent where nuns were forced to have sex with priests and the resulting babies were strangled and thrown into a lime pit.
Maria’s book was widely read, but it was soon shown to be a hoax because basic facts in her story didn’t add up.  Nonetheless, such charges against Catholic nuns and priests have circulated ever since in the netherworld of public consciousness.  They are reminiscent of the blood libel, according to which Jewish elders kidnap and kill Christian babies.  The blood libel still feeds anti-Semitism in some parts of the world.
The immediate source of these anti-Catholic stories given currency in Kamloops and now in Williams Lake is unclear.  A book by former United Church minister Kevin Annett, Murder by Decree: The Crime of Genocide in Canada, may have something to do with it; Annett is known to have had contacts with First Nations people in Kamloops.
But knowing the immediate source of the stories is less important than understanding that they are ancient, vicious libels with a high potential for causing violence, as in the torching or vandalizing of 68 churches in Canada last summer.  These libels are so dangerous that reasonable people ought to demand some tangible proof before repeating them, as our mass media are unfortunately doing.

Tom Flanagan is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Calgary. Brian Giesbrecht is a retired judge of the Manitoba Provincial Court.

This column is exclusive to THE DORCHESTER REVIEW.



“Jumping to conclusions without the facts in the Indigenous Residential School Question” … Report by Dr. Scott Hamilton, Anthropologist at Lakehead University: June 21 2021